Poe: ‘Much expected’ from incoming DOTr chief Bautista

Senator Grace Poe on Thursday welcomed the incoming administration’s choice of former Philippine Airlines president Jaime Bautista as the next Ttransportation secretary “with optimism that he will lead the sector battered by systemic challenges aggravated by the pandemic.”

“The road that lies ahead is rough and bumpy,” the chair of the Senate public services committee said.

:The mass transportation is woeful. Dozens of infrastructure projects remain unfinished. Millions of commuters and motorists face slow death on the road every day due to traffic,” Poe said.

“Incessant oil price hikes are crippling public utility vehicle drivers, vehicle owners and ordinary citizens,” she said.

“Our people are destitute for help. Much is expected from the new leadership in the department,” Poe said.

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